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87,000 New IRS Agents?

87,000 New IRS Agents?

Have you ever been hit with a large unexpected tax bill or had to pay more than necessary because you didn't plan ahead?  Have you ever been through an IRS audit?  The need for accuracy is more important than ever before.  The IRS has access to your entire financial life and is gearing up to ensure accurate tax filings for more taxpayers than in the recent past.  You don't want to experience the agony of having your assets frozen or being caught with a huge mistake that causes you to go into debt because of tax liabilities.  Although--it's highly unlikely that the IRS will take these drastic actions, you can never be too sure and it's important to find people you can trust who know what they're doing.

Whether you are an individual or a business, we want to help you prepare your tax returns.  With over 20 years of tax preparation experience and an Enrolled Agent on staff, we've got the tools and support to get you through any of your tax needs.  We understand the importance of accuracy and if necessary, we have been through the tax audit process before.  We have found that the IRS agents can be quite friendly and helpful. We can get you through the best and the worst of times.  We want you to feel prepared and help you accurately file your taxes, but even if the IRS comes a 'knockin, we'll be here for you.

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Tax Planning

You rarely get better than what you plan for.  Creating a good tax plan, you will be prepared and you will know exactly what to expect before it happens.  We believe that everyone should pay their taxes however, not one cent more than necessary. We will sit down with you to discuss your annual return each year and we'll give you tips & strategies for planning ahead.  We will file your annual returns and any other needed documents. 

Other services we will provide for you:

  • analyzing what-if scenarios
  • filing estimates
  • tax document vault/organizer
  • amended returns
  • representation before the IRS.

In the past, we've offered tax preparation exclusively for our clients as a value-added service and we will continue to do that into the future.  However, we would like to extend that offer to your family and friends as well.  So if you or someone you know needs some help with tax preparation, bookkeeping services, or any tax/accounting issues, for that matter, we're happy to offer our resources. 

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Does your business need some help with keeping the books?

We offer a full-service accounting division.  We are ready to serve all your bookkeeping needs---from monthly reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, payroll needs, IRS and State Filings, etc.  Give us a call and we can sit down and discuss what your business needs.  We will cater a monthly package to suit your specific situation.

Get Organized

Feeling a little disorganized with your tax documents? Not sure what your tax preparer needs?

Use our 2022 Tax Organizer to make sure you get it right.  Then send it all over to us and we'll take it from there!

2022 Tax Organizer

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